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have been ask■ing whether there is not reason to■ fear a return of the Middle Ages; wh■ether men are not again attempt●ing to


fasten a gag on history. One might at t■imes be led to say that archæologis●ts are of opinion that history might be suppr


ess■ed as a matter of luxury, a usele●ss ornament, and be replaced by doc■uments, diplomas, and extracts from registers st●run



g together. Is it just that an ■historian should have the anti●quaries crying out against him from ■every side, because, while keeping faithfully■ to documents, he draws something from them■ that

has life or light Is it just t●hat when a character feels, moves, and {■xi} speaks, rejoices or grieves■, the Areopagus should declare him to be a fic■titious being who could never have existed,

ng historian s, indor●ses th
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and● a pure product of the imaginat●ion You believe that our ancestors wer■e people like ourselves, with hearts ●that beat with passion and grief.—By no means; ●they were icy shades like those w

ander●ing on the banks of the Styx. H●itherto men had said: This being feels and moves●, therefore he lives; but according to the ●new school, life is a fable. Nothing is aut●hentic but what is wea

is judgment. 'M. Sainte Beuv




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risome. A■ man and a history are not looked upon as real■ living beings, unless they are col■orless, stark, and cold. Of this we ●have had ma

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ny instances. One time we incurre■d this reproach: Your imagination, we■ were told, invents features which give animatio●n to the subject, but

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about which you coul●d know nothing. The following passage was■ quoted: 'When Fryth the reformer,' wrote ●the critic, 'was taken as a ■prisone

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r on foot to the episcopa●l court at Croydon, you say that "he ha■d a calm and cheerful look, and t■he rest of the journey was accom■plished i

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n pious and agreeab●le conversation." How could you know that'● the objector went on. 'Were you of ■the party to see the appearance ●of his f


ace' We immediately ■took down the eighth volume of Fo●xe's Acts and Monuments, the● appendix to which contains an account of Fryth■'s journe

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y written by an eye-witn■ess. We opened the book and foun■d these words: 'And so with a cheerful



and m■erry countenance, he went with them, spending th■e time in pleasant and godly communicati


on.' W■hat we were charged with having invented, w■as an almost literal transcript of a ■docume


nt more than three hundred yea●rs old. {xii} If archæology ■were to be substituted for

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Abul Mal Muhit

ith its varied

have stones, and good stones too■. The historian who sets little store ■by archæology betrays a superficial● mind; the archæologist


Abul Mal Muhit

he charm of re

who● sets little store by history ●betrays a mind whose cultiva●tion is still incomplete. But ●we need not fear this movement; it has ●no chanc


Abul Mal Muhit

ory whic■h is

e of success. Real history will never● perish. We insert this protest in the p●resent volume, not because of anything■ that may concern us perso

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nally; but as this his■tory has been favorably recei■ved, we feel bound to prove that we have alw■ays followed the most respectable ●authorities,

n and thin
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and although li■able to error, we have conscientiously endeavo●red to give a truthful narrative—tr■ue in its facts and in the spirit by which it i

gs which a
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s■ animated. When will debates and conte■sts cease Happily there is ■something in the world which the att■acks of men can neither batter down●

ncient gen
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nor even shake, and which is sufficient to g■ive peace to the soul. The holy wor●ds which the prophets of God have w●ritten will exist for ever, be

ius■ love
d to trace.'

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cause the L●ight of Life is in them, and because from ●age to age many hearts, longing for the hig●hest blessings, have found, and {x●iii} still find, in them everlasting life. Th■ey delight us, not only on account of

History had freed herself fr■om the restrai
nt which the Middle ●Ag
es had imposed on her,
to pr●event her from s
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